Structural Design

We at Adorn Constructions, as a prompt builder in Kerala, offer services on mechanical design of structures.

Our team actively participate in providing consultancy services right from the selection of materials to design of structures and choosing isometrics of construction technology. Our structural design inputs capture benign, robust and cost-effective specifications of the structure including that of resources, technology, geometry, the dimensions of structural elements adept to transfer loads across the lifespan of the structure. We provide modern and meticulous designs combined with sophisticated and uniform calculations and exhaustive mathematical analysis for RCC, steel and composite frames.

Cass Gilbert, Architect

“Beware of over-confidence; especially in matters of structure.”

Our team relies on technical accuracy and computes structural load with due consideration of live load, dead load, wind load, seismic load etc., in design of structural elements viz., foundation, beams, lintels, slabs, columns, retaining walls and stairs. Accordingly, advance software is deployed in structural analysis, design, and detailing. Our structural design department identifies the most stable structural arrangement for optimisation of physical parameters of the building to achieve cost effectiveness.

We constantly refine our idea of design seeking new solutions and has made considerable progress in composite fabrications comprising of steel frames and truss, complex roof structures, pre-engineered building structures and cost-effective solar panel mounting structures. Nonetheless, we prepare reports, designs and sketches in furtherance of monitoring, inspecting, administering and managing the project by working in tandem with the Architecture department, from the scratch to completion.

While our design team takes into consideration all the legal requirements stipulated by the authorities, our dedicated liaison team deals in obtaining design approvals in accordance with Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR) for construction of buildings in Kerala just as in the case of building permit and completion certificate. If you have an approved plan, drape it with proper design to raise the structure. We await you at our office with the most optimised and stable structural design, rolled into a paper with approval. Why should you waste a minute?