Soil Exploration and Testing

We at Adorn Constructions, actively collaborate with geotechnical experts and laboratoriesin conducting field investigations and lab testing to determine the physical and engineering properties of the soil. Our services include providing geotechnical investigation reports and hydrological analysis reports to our clients by analysing soil exploration data.

Geotechnical investigation is inevitable for a construction project as soil behaviour varies with its character and composition.

David Agus, Professor of medicine and engineering

“Keep the soil healthy and the bad seed won’t grow.”

Foundation design and stability demands an in-depth study of geological subsurface and suggests need of piling if necessary. Also, it is advised to perform soil tests at a time when climate change has significantly altered the precipitation pattern thereby causing issues of drainage viz., soil piping in Kerala. Our soil exploration team collects undistracted soil samples and engage with geo technical experts foranalysis of permeability, compressive strength, shear strength vide lab tests and in-situ tests viz., standard penetration tests, static and dynamic cone penetrationtests California Bearing Ratio test and pressure-meter tests and arrive at exact values of soil properties.

In exploring the geotechnical properties, we follow established norms and standard practices. For e.g., IS Code 1080 is followed for design & construction of simple footings, IS Code 1892is referred for subsurface investigation for foundations, IS Code 2131 for standard penetration tests and IS Code 2720 for methods of tests for soils. Our team investigates ground water conditions for permeability analysis, studies potential damages to existing sewers, conduits and drainage system, engages in identification of corrosive soil, waters and effluents and performs exploratory drillings and borings for examination and testing.

The strength of the foundation decides the longevity of the structure. We expect your dream to stand tall for generations to come. Know your ground, know your strength. We await you at our office with a comprehensive report on your soil.