Project Management

We at Adorn Constructions having set our footprints as delivering architectsin Kerala and one of the best builders in Kerala, offer our consultancy services for management of engineering &construction projects involving issues of engineering, procurement and contracts. Our project management portfolio accommodates standalone consultancy services as well as comprehensive engineering, construction and contracts management.

Our management team has defined our triad in project management as Quality, Cost and Time. With a view to maximise quality, our expert quality assurance and control team imparts training, ensures due compliance with the approved plans and designs, and conform with the industrial standards through stringent quality checks. In addition, we believe in maintaining proper documentation of our projects while leading the work to achieve all project goals within the given constraints.

Stephen Schwartz, Lyricist & Composer

“Every project has challenges, and every project has its rewards.”

On the cost front, we focus mainly on techno-commercial analysis and risk management to minimise cost, i.e., in reducing our clients’ risks and ensuring value for money. This in fact is achieved by constant monitoring of onsite and offsite aspects of materials and manpower vide periodic cost reporting and management. Besides, frequent analysis for the cost deviations are undertaken and corrective actions are proposed accordingly. Nonetheless, our stakeholder management has been exemplary as is evident from the testimonies of our valuable clients.

We have the expertise in project planning and scheduling and pay equal attention in adhering to the timelines and procurement, execution and delivery schedules so as to optimise time. We believe in streamlining the tasks in the most efficient way with periodic monitoring to prevent schedule overhaul. In developing the project plans, scheduling benchmarks and milestones and assess the execution profile in comparison with the approved plans, we use the latest software.

Above all, our project management services include responsible alignment of the project in a greener and sustainable way as we are committed in reducing the carbon footprint in our journey towards success. We seek all possible solutions in recycling and reusing the construction excess generated for landscaping and aesthetic uses. If you are looking for a comprehensive package in shaping your dreams in a responsible way, catch your bus to our office. We offer you the best in the town.