Adorn Constructions is pleased to demonstrate the details of a few ongoing projects that incorporate traditional Kerala architecture and Kerala contemporary home design concepts. The page displays design features of the ongoing projects including elevation, interiors, landscapes and structure. Given the details, you may take a look at the designs, appreciate the spatial arrangements and acknowledge the functional aspects. As you know, we are committed to deliver our best in developing our designs. We proudly hold that our projects hardly alter from the design we submit to our clients after completion.

In fact, we take pride in committing a project, conceptualising it, planning and developing it with utmost care and perfection just as a mother gives birth to her baby. And so, these ongoing projects are facades in making, architectural embryos awaiting their completion. Accordingly, they are homes to families, offices to businesses and creative spaces for entrepreneurs under construction.In either case, the designs are created using the latest software by the most talented draughtsmen. In creating them, practical inputs are taken from the procurement and execution team to ensure near perfect completion. Furthermore, we plan to publish site exhibits in the near future. Nevertheless, the page exhibits details of the project including category, client name, location, surface area, consultant name as well as the year of completion.