Estimation and Cost Evaluation

We at Adorn Constructions, being a team of top builders, architects and project management consultants in Kerala, offer our expert services on estimation and cost evaluation of projects ranging from residential to commercial ventures. We provide detailed and accurate budget estimation and cost planning services for your project so as to assist in your financial planning and sourcing funds.

Our services include development of the Work Breakdown Structures, estimate plans, Quantity estimation and surveying apart from preparing projections of direct and indirect cost breakdowns as well as calculations.

“Estimation, assessment, looking back, retrospection of things – those are intellectual concepts, and they’re always so subject to shifts in the wind.”

Shane Black, Film Maker

Our team also extends its services to calculation of escalation on commodities purchased during construction (EDC), determination of contingency and project risks and has a reputation in developing client-specific estimate templates and cash flow forecasts.

Schematic Design
Design Development

We also offer preliminary estimation of material utilization, scrap, labour time for cost competitiveness of the project extendable to both direct and indirect overhead costs. Our team actively considers elimination of cost drivers and covers estimation for alternative design decisions including reengineered models to ensure that the cost of the project remains optimal given its structural and functional requirements. Our strategies include espousal of lean manufacturing techniques for elimination of waste and blending the essence of stage gate approach to our services so as to arrive at relatively accurate cost estimate thereby avoiding potential cost overruns. The dream is yours and estimate, ours.

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Our team offers you a comparative analysis of the materials used in construction with their qualitative and functional traits intact along with alternate procurement and channels displaying cost contrasts. This will not only aid you in making informed decisions and better choices but also develop cost consciousness that could prevent you from falling into debt traps and cost overruns. In doing so, we implement latest cost estimation software while staying firm at the traditional resource assessment methods viz., cost-per-activity budgeting for accurate developmental evaluation. We await you in our office with the most precise calculations that could save you some penny.


We are very happy to share our experience associating with Adorn constructions and we take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank each and every staff,who have put in their best efforts to help us build our dream home. We wish to emphasize that every single requirement was taken care of brilliantly, within the stipulated cost and time,even during the tough times of COVID pandemic. Congratulations and best wishes on your well deserved success

Sandeep and Lakshmi

I went to Adorn after a friend referred them to me. Truly professional group of people who dedicatedly works to make your dream home come true. Each one of them is really knowledgeable and it helps a lot in reducing unnecessary costs. They assist you and guide you right from the building plan to selecting ideal materials. Their dedication and teamwork reflects in the work and that’s what make them special. You become more of a family than a client to them.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Adorn construction. Adorn was very professional and great to work with! They exceeded my expectations and will definitely be working with them again in the future. Highly recommend !!